Luscious Liquor Ice Cream
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I love the creativity and flavors of our local community. We have artists working on the truck and the music that will pour out of it. And we are constantly playing with flavor combinations. I like making people happy sharing flavors, food and experiences.
Our vision for Luscious is about elegance, sultry summertime, retro Europe.... a mix of relaxed glamour, sophistication & fun. We’re combining the sensuous with timelessness and fun.
— Jane

Luscious Liquor Ice Cream was born slowly, dreamily and deliciously over the course of many years and too many conversations to count. Jane Kennelly & Sara Widenhouse, whose pre-teen sons loved to make art house movies together, would sit and chat about how much they loved desserts, how their childhood memories were sprinkled with the flavors of cream, sugar and eggs, and how flavors could transport you almost anywhere.

Then those ideas for flavors, like their kids, grew and after musing about creating something special, based on all of their travels and tastes, they found a vintage postal truck - a true art installation in progress - a commercial kitchen space where they could experiment and Luscious Liquor Ice Cream was born.

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artist rendering, michael youngblood, 2017

artist rendering, michael youngblood, 2017


Our little postal truck

... is currently our favorite art installation and piece of restoration.

Artisan, artist, welder and genius, Justin Kuhn, is helping us take a vintage postal truck and bring it back to life. Refurbishment began 3 months ago and it will be road-worthy by late spring of 2017.

We'll be serving our Luscious Liquor ice creams and toppings right out of it as a retro nod.

Listen up, too. The LLIC mobile will be equipped with custom music .... a conflation of ice cream truck tunes and sultry signature retro stylings.  



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825C Merrimon Ave. #259
Asheville, NC 28804

This ice cream is the sexiest thing since
Burt Reynolds’ centerfold picture in Playgirl.
— Jessica W.