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Bring joy to your holiday and surprise your guests with a Luscious Adult dessert in the freezer. Festive, small-batch ice cream flavors - made locally and with top shelf liquors and toppings that are perfect for the season.

Here's how it works.

~ Choose your 3 pints.
~ Choose your 2 toppings.
~ Give us you contact info and pick up date.

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Friday Pick Ups are between 12 - 3 pm. Saturday Pick Ups are between 4 - 7 pm.
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You'll pick up your HOLIDAY SPIRIT BUNDLE

from our Luscious commercial kitchen. 
111 Smokey Park Hwy, Candler, NC 28715

Orders must be placed the Friday prior your weekend pickup date.

For Pick up on:
December 8th, between 4-7 or December 9th, between 12-3
orders must be placed by Friday December 1st

For Pick up on:
December 15th, 4-7 or December 16th, 12-3
orders must be placed by Friday December 8th

For Pick up on:
December 22nd, 4-7 or December 23rd, 12-3
orders must be placed by Friday December 15th

*Please call to discuss pickup or delivery options if these do not work for you.

Included in every bundle: a jar of Cherry Liqueur Cherries & recipe card with creative ideas.

Just want to order pints for the holidays? Go for it.

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