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Infuse your celebration with a custom ice cream bar!

Luscious Liquor Ice Cream creates innovative adult flavors with the freshest fruits and top shelf spirits. Our Asheville-based, handmade ice creams feature local ingredients, with service options from our vintage ice cream truck. 

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Catering Menu


2 scoops of ice cream plus a liquor-infused topping, whipped cream and a liquor-soaked cherry on top.


Cones & Cups
Single servings of up to five flavors, depending on the size of your event.

Orange Bombs
An orange filled with ice cream. A waste-free alternative for parties on the move.

A Custom Dessert
Contact us with your idea!


"You and your team were outstanding! The guests were raving about your ice-cream and adorable truck. Thanks for helping make it a memorable and beautiful wedding!"
— J. Kelleher


Current Flavors

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"Buttery, creamy, happiness – that’s Luscious Liquor’s Butter Brickle Ice Cream."
- Scottie R.

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Ice Cream 
whole vanilla beans and Makers Mark
Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial
Kirsch soaked cherries
Tia Maria Ice Cream
Dalton Distillery Coffee Flavored Hammond Rum
Cinnamon Fireball
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Jameson’s
Canton Ginger Liqueur and Kraken Rum
Non-Alcohol flavors also available

Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Fudge Whiskey Sauce
Kirsch Soaked Cherries

Pre-packaged Pints - $12
Liquor Toppings - $10
Luscious Bundles - 3 pints plus 2 toppings $50


"Over the summer and holidays, I went to more than a few events catered by Luscious Liquor and their ice cream and sauces are amazing... so creative and really delicious.  — Todd B.